In-Center Hemodialysis Treatment

In-center hemodialysis (ICHD) may often be the only treatment option for those suffering from end-stage renal disease (ESRD). We’re here to help you provide the most effective treatment.

At Baxter, we truly understand the challenges you face. As a leader in the manufacturing of medical devices for over 80 years, we’ve been committed to advancing dialysis and hemodialysis treatment in ground-breaking and meaningful ways. We lead the way in the ICHD space, with innovative products, comprehensive support, and in-depth training across the lifecycle of the product.

Working with Baxter Healthcare

Medical Devices

We offer a full range of hemodialysis-specific products and services to help meet the needs of your HD patients, your staff, and your clinic.

Certified Technical Support

With more than 800 field service engineers supporting dialysis providers in over 60 countries, troubleshooting and assistance are always within reach.

Hemodialysis Training

We offer hands-on hemodialysis training at your facility, with continuous learning opportunities throughout the life of your Baxter products.

Transforming Hemodialysis

Revaclear Dialyzer & ESA Usage

Lower your operational costs with Baxter Products

Baxter products aren’t just effective. They can significantly help lower operational costs to create benefits for both clinic and patients. For example, a large-scale retrospective, observational study found that our REVACLEAR Dialyzer was associated with up to 600 fewer units of erythropoiesis stimulating agent (ESA), potentially saving an estimated $660 per patient annually.1,2

ICHD Facts & Figures


There are 726,000 ESRD patients in the US3


88% of ESRD patients are treated by In-Center Hemodialysis3


The US ESRD & ICHD population grows 3% grows annually3

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