Introducing Expanded Hemodialysis (HDx) enabled by Theranova. 

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Expanded Hemodialysis (HDx) is the next evolution in hemodialysis that brings us a step closer to the natural kidney

Conventional/large middle molecular uremic toxins

Conventional/large middle molecular (500-45,000 Da) uremic toxins have been linked to the development of inflammation, cardiovascular disease (CVD) and other dialysis related comorbidities1-3

~50% of patients with kidney failure (KF) die from CVD

CVD is strongly associated with inflammation, atherosclerosis and calcification. ~ 50% of patients with kidney failure (KF) die from CVD4-6

Traditional high-flux membranes, have limited capability to remove conventional and large middle molecular uremic toxins

Traditional high-flux membranes, have limited capability to remove conventional and large middle molecular uremic toxins (up to 45,000 Da)7

Theranova's unique membrane design delivers superior removal of conventional/large middle molecules

The unique design of the Theranova membrane delivers superior removal of conventional/large middle molecules (up to 45,000 Da),1,8-10 compared to high-flux membranes, while selectively retaining essential proteins and maintaining stable albumin levels.8,11,12

In a retrospective analysis (n=81), HDx therapy showed a significant reduction in hospital days and in-center medication usage

HDx therapy showed a significant reduction in hospital days and in-center medication usage, in a retrospective analysis (n=81).13 A Randomized Control Trial (n=171) showed 43% reduction in all-cause hospitalizations.14 Improvement in certain inflammatory markers were observed in select patients (n=41).15

HDx therapy may improve patient reported kidney disease quality of life outcomes

HDx therapy may improve patient reported kidney disease quality of life outcomes including symptom burden, restless leg syndrome (RLS) criteria uremic pruritus and dialysis recovery time. 8,10,16,17

Simply change the dialyzer membrane to expand clearance
and CHANGE EVERYTHING for your patients.

Watch the video to hear how one dialysis patient's experience with HDx therapy changed her life

See how HDx enabled by Theranova works

Watch the video for more information on Theranova's mechanism of action.

The Theranova Dialyzer is indicated for patients with chronic kidney failure who are prescribed intermittent hemodialysis.
For single use only.
Rx Only. For safe and proper use of these devices refer to the Instructions for Use.